About Us

Dalton & Associates has a decorated history of success in complex litigation since 1987. Our firm is located in the historic Cool Spring Meetinghouse in Wilmington, DE originally built in 1915. The history of our firm and our office are the foundation of Dalton & Associates.

Dalton & Associates has been representing the victims of negligence since 1987.

Our practice is limited in the number of clients that we are willing to represent at any one time. We have a firm commitment to represent each client fully and capably. The practice is not based on volume but rather limiting the number of clients to those that we can fully and fairly represent. Our lawyers have been successful in some of the most difficult negligence litigation in the State's history. Dalton & Associates has been responsible for the largest verdicts in both medical malpractice and automobile accident litigation in the State's history. Our success is based on years of solid results based on hard work and a commitment to excellence.

The building where we have our offices is located in the former Cool Spring Meeting House that was originally built in 1915. This old Quaker Meeting House was originally home to regular Quaker Meetings for Worship beginning in September 1915 and continuing through 1942. At that time, the Quaker Meeting combined with the larger 4th and West Meeting House here in Wilmington. Dalton & Associates purchased the building in 2001 and renovated the property to reflect the unique qualities of both the building’s history and our firm.



Our office offers a free consultation on any potential legal matter pertaining to our areas of practice (please see our “Practice” page). Simply fill out the below form and give us a general understanding of what has happened. Be sure to correctly enter your phone number and email address, as one of our staff will be contacting you in regards to this matter within the next business day or two to establish a point of contact and clarify the facts of the potential case. If you have any general questions about our firm, please feel free to submit them here.