By Laura J. Simon, Esquire

Why People Hire Personal Injury Lawyers – When They Thought They Never Would

New clients often say to me, “I never thought I would hire a personal injury lawyer.” There can be misconceptions about injury cases that have been magnified by tort reform advertisements and insurance company lobbying efforts. These sources imply that injured parties are exaggerating or outright lying. In decades of practicing personal injury law, I have not seen this happen. In fact, if I had, I would end representation. In my experience, when skeptical individuals are injured in a car accident, their opinions quickly change.

Not only can accidents bring painful and life-altering injuries, but they cause major inconveniences to families. The ability to work is often affected, which translates into lost income and significant financial stress. Many use vacation or sick time for missed work; this is time they deserve to use for those purposes, and not for an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. Some experience flashbacks of the collision, and anxiety and depression from pain that can become chronic.

High medical bills become a major worry. There is confusion as to who pays the bills, and when. Travelling to and attending numerous doctors’ visits takes time out of busy lives. Keeping up with household and family commitments is difficult, especially when there are young, dependent children to take care of.

Vehicles are often unusable if they are being repaired, or worse, they are damaged beyond repair. Transportation becomes a hassle.

Insurance adjusters are often difficult to get on the phone, or they do not return voicemail messages. Others may quickly offer a small sum of money, in exchange for a full and final release, which gives up all future rights. Such offers are inherently wrong, as insurance adjusters know that time must pass before individuals know the true extent of any injuries.

For these reasons and more, it makes sense to contact an attorney who specializes in personal injury law. Legal experience, strategy, and compassion are what individuals need to guide them through the many challenges presented from an injury case, from the beginning and up through mediation, arbitration, or trial.

Dalton & Associates has a proven history of successfully representing those injured by the negligent acts of others. Our team of experienced lawyers has been awarded many distinctions in the field of plaintiff’s personal injury law and has obtained the largest personal injury jury verdict in Delaware’s history.

If you have experienced personal injury, you may have a legal claim.
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