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of a priest in
New York?
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New Child Protection Law in New York Expected to Give Victims of Priest Abuse One Year to File a Civil Lawsuit.

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    New York passed a new law which will give victims of child sexual abuse renewed access to the courts. The bill will give victims until their 55th birthday to bring a civil lawsuit. It will also create a one-year period to revive cases barred under the current law. If you or a loved one have been a victim of child sexual abuse, please contact us to learn about your rights under this new law.

    Dalton & Associates and Manly, Stewart & Finaldi have represented survivors in some of the largest sex abuse settlements in the nation.

    We have helped victims in cases involving Michigan State and former Olympic Gymnastics Team doctor Larry Nassar resulting in a $500 million settlement, and a $120 million settlement with the Dioceses of Wilmington and various Religious Orders in cases involving sexual assault by Clergy.

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    Legislature Approves Child Sex-Abuse Bill

    New York will become the 10th state to give victims of childhood sexual abuse a new chance to sue their abusers—and the institutions that employed them—regardless of when their abuse occurred.