Have you or your minor child been treated or hospitalized for lung, heart or nervous system damage due to Juuling?
Despite the FDA's warnings, there is a disturbing and accelerating trend of illegal sales of Juul products to minors. Minors are especially susceptible to nicotine addiction and effects due to incomplete brain development.

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Please call 302.652.2050 to report information related to lung, heart, or nervous system damage due to Juuling, or fill out the form below to speak to an attorney.
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    Dalton & Associates can help you seek justice.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers teen vaping and juuling an epidemic of addiction. Corporate greed, and the targeted marketing and sale of dangerous nicotine and chemically-laden products, is causing severe pulmonary, neurological and cardiovascular injuries to our youth. Help us promote awareness and protect your loved ones by contacting our office today.

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